Dove and Fox Photography: Timeless Wedding Photography with Editorial Flourishes

A little about us: We're Josh and Ciara, a husband and wife photographer

team. We describe our photographic style as timeless and romantic, but with fashion

and editorial flourishes. You deserve to be the star of magazine worthy images.

We're inspired first and foremost by you our Bride and Groom: your

energy, your style and your specific chemistry. Then we add our years of

experience and talent through the lens of fashion, fine art and documentary

photography approach. Most of all, we aim to hold your hand as much (or as

little!) as you'd like to guide you through this fun, but important aspect

of your wedding journey.


Our colorful of history life experiences that enrich and inform our art and approach:

Joshua, a blend of British and Eurasian heritage, brings a global perspective to every click. Raised in a melting pot of cultures, he speaks four languages and has travelled to over 40 countries. His early days in theater directing and teaching acting infuse a dramatic flair into his photography, honed in NYC where ran a headshot studio for actors, many of whom are now award winner. Josh is also a movie nerd and collects vintage cameras.

Ciara's journey is equally colorful. An "Army Brat" who found her roots in Europe, Florida, and Hawaii, she honed her creative skills in Los Angeles. This included studying culinary arts, working in design, production, and art creation. 

Our paths crossed in LA, where our shared love for art and photography sparked a lifelong partnership.

Together, we embarked on life's greatest adventure - parenthood! Our eight-year-old son, the heart of our family, is autistic. Doing our best to assist his journey led us to Raleigh, NC, a place we now lovingly call home. We're so grateful that Raleigh has so much to offer-both to our son in terms of therapeutic services but also the vibrant collection of people who live here.

Our passion? Capturing your love stories. We believe everyone radiates a dynamic, beautiful energy, deserving of being frozen in time - in photographs that are not just timeless but also glamorous, fashionable, and fun. Our approach is all about connection; we're not just your photographers, we're your friends, and confidants. By the time your wedding day arrives, we're hopefully not just strangers with cameras, but companions on your journey, ensuring every shot reflects the true, joyful essence of your special day.

Please reach out to us. We’d love to meet you, listen to your story and collaborate with you in making timeless, editorial looking photographic memories.📸✨